Hello World, remember to #BeSocial

This is my new website just launched about all things marketing, social media and one or two of my own interests as well (still a work in progress!!)

Fan of podcasts check out #BeSocial and check out my latest views and tips in short and easy to digest episodes

Fan of blogs? I’ve just published my first one on the website. If you’re up for a challenge why not scrap scheduling from Twitter completely and see how you do. I chronicle my journey.

It’s not just social media though. I’m a weekly presenter on “What’s the Score” on Limerick City Community Radio where I talk about all the latest local and regional sports news. Why? Because I love sports and it’s fun. I’ve also included a few radio shows that I’ve been a guest on talking about things ranging from SnapMap to Android updates to Explosions in the Sky!!!

This website will be a base for all my efforts online and my journey through the world of marketing and media.

Why not check drop me a tweet. Trust me from experience a lot can happen from one simple tweet. In the meantime enjoy some of these insights and top tips.