Episode 4 of #BeSocial Twitter, Just Reach Out

When it comes to social media few networks beat Twitter when it comes to reaching and engaging with and just building relationships. Here are some of my tips and experiences.

Episode 3 of #BeSocial Are You Using Audio?

After attending a recent #FounderFriday event with Treaty City Brewery I give me thoughts on how podcasting and audio is becoming more and more important to utilise.

Episode 2 of #BeSocial Twitter, Be Organic

For the last month on Twitter I’ve gone completely organic. Scheduled has gone bye bye and I’ve reached out to engage and talked to people in real time. Here are some of my insights. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram  for all the latest.

Episode 1 of #BeSocial

In episode 1 I give a brief intro about me, what I do can what you can expect from the #BeSocial series of podcasts. Enjoy!!!