Social Media

Is Snapchat in Trouble? From what I’ve learned from Gen Z it is

Share List Snapchat is up there in the social media sphere for the simple reason that it is one of the few independent networks not under the sway/ownership of either Facebook or Google. While initially it saw numbers grow and grow things have started to change. Others (Facebook and now LinkedIn) saw what they did …
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Have you used these 2 Tools and Tactics on Facebook?

Share List Facebook, it’s the social network the world is on, or at least thats the way I phrased it in a lecture recently. The numbers on Facebook continues to grow as they compete against the likes of Google and Snapchat. How important is this network? I did a quick poll during said lecture and …
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Twitter, What Happened When I Ditched Scheduling

Share List Ah Twitter, it’s one of my favourite networks. From the real time chat to some of the amazing opportunities I’ve gotten from simply reaching out and tweeting someone it’s a terrific network when harnessed right. Therin lies the challenge. Earlier this year I went through my Twitter analytics for the whole of 2016 and …
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