The Netflix Evolution of Radio and Media

So I’m back on the blog after a bit of a hiatus. It’s been pretty busy start to 2018 for me but one thing I’ve noticed in the last while is a topic that I felt I really need to chat about. It’s to do with radio + media in general and how we are at a stage where it’s crucial that you create content that suits the needs of your audience rather than suits your own.

What I mean by this is creating multiform content that allows people to consume what you create whether it be there in the car, listening at work or scrolling through their news feed. It’s something that has really come to my attention recently as there have been examples both from a national but also from a local perspective that shows that we are now at a stage where organisations have to cater to the needs of customers rather than just sticking with the old tried and trusted methods.


The Evolution of Radio

In the last year or so there has been a really big evolution in the way that people consume audio content. Gone are the days where people would tune into a radio station when you are stuck in traffic, now people will tune into for example to their favourite podcast or online show and listen to the audio when they see fit.  It’s the Netflix phenomenon gone audio.  The numbers listening to podcasts is on the rise (see below) and what is really interesting is that if you can identify and build this audience they turn into a very loyal following.

radio and podcast stats

I know numerous examples of not only shows that I listen to but also shows that friends and colleagues listen to that they tune into on a regular basis, this shows  just how loyal these following can be. For example, I tune into #DailyVee and Social Pros on a regular basis.  We’re getting to the stage now where both radio but also newspapers now need to take a multi-content approach where they show audio, visuals and also video in order to get maximum exposure for themselves.


Off The Ball, The Perfect Example

Off the ball is a sports show on Newstalk and they’re one of the best examples I can think of an organisation making use of every channel available to them. They used to do just the radio show but have moved to also creating podcasts of the content they create. Even since then it has evolved to the stage now where they’re utilising Facebook Live Periscope and YouTube live on a regular basis to create content that people consume when they want to.  

Not only this but they also create bitesize pieces of video as well as images and blogs so that people can consume as they see fit, thus catering for a bigger audience.  Off The Ball is definitely one of the best examples that I can think of at the moment. If you’re looking for an organisation to have as your benchmark for how to do things then look at what they currently do. 

In a nutshell it can be described as following:

  • Radio show every evening
  • Podcasts released then after he shows
  • Facebook Live show every morning from 7:45
  • Regular blogs as well as snippets of video from the shows they do


Limerick City Community Radio, a Small Organisation Example

Now I know what you’re thinking, the likes of Off The Ball have the resources behind them to do multiple formats as well as across multiple channels as well.  While this might be true in particular as they have their own studio, it’s feasible for any organisation regardless of your size to be able to do the same thing as well.  An example of this is an organisation I’m involved with, Limerick City Community Radio. They are voluntary radio station but have recently started to focus on doing this multi-channel and content format as well.

LCCR Live Studio Cam – Saturday, February 10, 2017 (8am-12pm)

LCCR Live Studio Cam – Saturday, February 10, 2017 (8am-12pm)

Geplaatst door Limerick City Community Radio op vrijdag 9 februari 2018

For example, on Saturday mornings the radio shows go out:

  • Online
  • On 99.9FM
  • On Facebook live as well  

On top of this, each show is also podcasted so that people can consumer tune into it whenever they say sea fit. All of this is being done by a radio station run by volunteers. What’s interesting as well with the recent Facebook announcement of changes to their news feed Facebook Live is becoming more and more important for anyone who is looking to make use of the channel. I’ve noticed even going through the stats for the last couple of weeks that the content that performs best on the Facebook page is the Facebook Live shows. We truly are in the multi-channel multi-content era for Media organisations.


How difficult is this to do?

Being honest creating multi-content formats is not that difficult all.  Using the example of What’s The Score the show that I co-host on Limerick City Community Radio on a weekly basis we do the following:

  • Create images using Canva to help promote the week’s show
  • Have the show go out online on FM and Facebook live on the day
  • Upload the show to mixcloud and then publish on social channels
  • Take snippets from previous shows and create images around these


This is all content that is created to suit the needs of the listeners/people who tune into the show. At the same time it shows how easy it is to create content that suits the needs of the audience.  


The Future for Radio and Media

We are entering the era where radio and newspaper are starting to go the Netflix route, people will tune in when they want to tune in. From radio shows to newspapers it is crucial that they create content that can be consumed by the audience that suits the audience’s needs.  Whether this is a Facebook Live for a radio station, a podcast for a newspaper or a blog article for a sportshow it’s more important than ever to realise that one content format isn’t enough.

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