Radio Shows

“What’s the Score?” On Limerick City Community Radio

Fan of sport? Then you’ll love this radio show. Every Saturday morning from 10 until 11 myself and Geáróid Relhian discuss all the latest news in the world of sport. With a key focus on the local scene, we go through all the latest in rugby, football and GAA but also a wide range of other sports.

Not only that though we have regular guests on the show discussing all the latest in sports ranging from kickboxing to JiuJitsu to Badminton because sport isn’t just about sitting down and watching on the tv, it’s about taking part as well. Check out our latest episodes on the Podcast today.



Limerick Today with Joe Nash

The SnapMap, is the SnapChat feature a safety concern?

The new SnapMap feature caused a bit of a stir when it was first released. In this interview along with Barry Kennedy from CoderDojo, SnapChat user Aedín and concerned parent Sharon I discussed the pros and cons of the new feature. The message is simple, learn about the new features and how best to use them.

Google Developing Advanced Mobile Location in Conjunction with Emergency Services

Google has developed a new system that allows for the accurate locating of people devices in the event of an emergency. I discussed this new feature and the benefits it will have for emergency services.