Have you used these 2 Tools and Tactics on Facebook?

Facebook, it’s the social network the world is on, or at least thats the way I phrased it in a lecture recently. The numbers on Facebook continues to grow as they compete against the likes of Google and Snapchat. How important is this network? I did a quick poll during said lecture and here were the results.

When you consider Facebook owns Instagram as well this shows how big a presence it has in people’s online lives. Facebooks revenue continues to grow quarter on quarter and this is being powered by ads. It’s up there and might be surpassing Google Ads as the online ads format people use, hence the number of advertisers has hit 6 million. Why? Simple because it works.

But if you don’t have a big budget and are bootstrapping what else can you do? Recently I tested out a few different ideas and tactics on Facebook to see what would happen. These were outside of say doing ads or content but moreso tools that are available but are overlooked. From this I identified two potential tactics for you to try out:

  1. Have you utilised Facebook Messenger to its fullest?
  2. Are you using Facebook Stories?


Harnessing Facebook Messenger

The stats behind Facebook Messenger are pretty impressive. It is up there as one of the top customer service tools out there. The fact that messenger now has its own website shows Facebook is really looking to harness this aspect of their network, as does the rise of AI and bots which can be really useful when done right.

Instead of looking at it from a standpoint of bringing people in I decided to test a new approach and reach out instead. My experiment focused on the Sportshow I host on LCCR “What’s the Score?”. Here’s the approach I took.  

  1. What was my goal: For me, it was getting interviews
  2. What was the audience: Sports club, organisations and groups on Facebook
  3. Build up the list: I used directories and websites to build up this list of sports clubs I wanted to chat with. Many of these had links to the Facebook pages which saved a nice bit of time
  4. Reach out – Across all social channels (especially LinkedIn) the approach you take here is crucial. Want to know what approach worked best? Simple:

“Can I ask you a quick question?”

Act like you would in real life and be a HUMAN!!! Do not use a sales pitch for the simple reason that people are at the stage that they’re bulletproof to this and the end result will be this

So play it smart and act like a human, trust me it’s worked for me and I’ve been able to get some great interviews over the last couple of weeks (watch this space). I also discussed this in a recent episode of #BeSocial so why not check it out (it’s only a few minutes so not so bad.

Key Takeaway from this approach – Don’t do sell sell sell!!!


Are you using Facebook Stories?

When Facebook originally did a copy paste approach with Instagram (it’s working for Snapchat so it will work for us) people initially laughed at how blatant a rip off of Snapchat it was. They’re not laughing anymore as Instagram Stories daily use reaches 300 million. Facebook has done a similar tactic with Facebook Stories, however, so far it hasn’t been that successful.


Initially, when I saw them introduce Stories I thought straightaway:

“How long until it’s available on pages?”

While some questioned whether this would happen hey presto Facebook recently announced this and not only that but it would appear on your newsfeed on desktop and phone (See below, of the 4 Stories on is a page the others are profiles).


Now as you can see the update is still, well not very good. However, there’s one important thing to remember:

If Facebook is the most popular network and no one is utilising this feature then what’s your competition?

This feature appears on the newsfeed of the most popular and most used network. Is there an opportunity there? If I’m being honest yes. My advice on this would be if your Facebook page is related to your business or brand then why not test out Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories and see how they do. In the end, the only resource you use is time (and maybe data if you’re on mobile). But by all means, start testing it before pages start using it more.

Key Takeaway: If no one else is using Facebook Stories then who’s your competition? You are


Have you tried these tactics out on Facebook?

Facebook is where many people go to for news and just to while some time away. Its the biggest and most used platform as well. While ads on Facebook do work utilising Messenger for reaching out to pages and creating stories are two other but not often used tactics that can benefit you, your brand and your business.

Want to learn more? Why not contact me and see how I can help you make max use of your time and resources on social media. So reach and by all means #BeSocial


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